Server Management

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Expert oversight of your IT infrastructure

Server management services protect your servers, the backbone of your business. If your server goes down, so does your ability to work effectively. Do not be put in a position to lose money because your server infrastructure was lacking. Good server management will keep your business running at top speed, helping you get the edge you need.

Server Management Services include

  • Windows Server Setup

  • Core Windows Server Management

  • Server Services Support

  • Control Panel & Operating Systems Support

  • Quick Response and Resolution Time

  • Server Security & Restorations

  • 3rd Party Software Installation

  • Server Log Monitoring

Simplify | Manage | Consolidate

We provide detailed diagnostics to assess possible problems or issues that may arise. Catching a problem while it is small can save time and money. Budget constraints can be a limiting factor, but we will do our best to prevent any major issues, so there is no unscheduled downtime. We provide hardware and software upgrades to maximize the performance and prolong the life of a server. As well as determining whether a new server should be purchased, and how it should be configured to plan for future growth.

The following issues are covered

  • Server Going Down Frequently

  • Linux Web Server, Database Server, Email Server Failed

  • Windows IIS / SQL / MailEnable Services Failed

  • Abuse Investigations

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